Keynote: Flipped Learning in Law

Flipped Learning in Law
Prof. Rick Glofcheski, Professor, Faculty of Law, the University of Hong Kong.
09:30-10:30, 3 June 2016 (Friday)
Rayson Huang Theatre
Medium of instruction:
English 英語
Impact of flipped learning
Prof. Ricky KWOK, Associate Vice-President (Teaching & Learning), HKU


In 2015-16 academic year, Rick introduced flipped learning to his compulsory tort class. It is a large class, 275 students. Tort is a foundational course in the law curriculum. Flipped learning in tort is a work in progress but it has been well received by students, and some degree of success can be claimed. Rick will chart his progress, from the very inception of the idea, his consultation with students, his implementation, the physical setting, the interface with Moodle-based resources, student survey feedback, problems encountered, and the way forward.

About the speaker

Rick Glofcheski has been teaching law at the University of Hong Kong for more than 25 years. His primary areas of teaching and research are tort law and labour law. He has also taught criminal law, contract law, legal system, and medical law. He is the Editor-in-Chief of the peer-reviewed Hong Kong Law Journal. He is the author of Tort Law in Hong Kong (Hong Kong: Sweet and Maxwell Asia, 3nd edn, 2012, 918 pp), and co-editor and co-author of Employment Law and Practice in Hong Kong (Sweet & Maxwell Asia, 2nd edn, forthcoming May 2016, 950 pp). After teaching tort law for many years to a large cohort (250+) of students, Rick identified some failings in conventional law teaching. To address those he designed and introduced a series of measures oriented toward a more learner-centered, more authentic and more sustainable learning in which students play a more active role in the construction of their learning. Most recently, Rick has introduced flipped learning to his class of 275 tort students. In recognition of his work, Rick was selected for the inaugural University Outstanding Teaching Award (2009), the inaugural University Distinguished Teaching Award (2010), and the inaugural Hong Kong-wide University Grants Committee Teaching Excellence Award (2011). Rick has presented his work at conferences, workshops and seminars around the world.