CITE Research Symposium 2016 (CITERS 2016) will be held on 3-4 June 2016 (Friday & Saturday) at The University of Hong Kong. CITERS 2016 is organized by the Centre for Information Technology in Education of the University of Hong Kong in collaboration with the Centre for Advancement in Inclusive and Special Education (CAISE), the Centre for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning (CETL), the Libraries of the University of Hong Kong, the Technology-Enriched Learning Initiative, HKU (TELI) and Hong Kong Education City (HKEdCity). The symposium’s main theme is:

“Engaging Learners: Games and Flipped Learning”

Student engagement is frequently considered an important prerequisite for student learning and participation. The use of games, in particular gamification, and flipped classroom have recently emerged as popular strategies to promote student engagement. This conference aims to explore the use of digital games, gamification, and flipped classroom in primary, secondary, and tertiary education contexts. Questions of interests include, but are not limited to: What types of digital games are appropriate for what learning outcome? What needs to be done to help students learn responsibly and avoid the problem of digital game addiction? How can we use gamification meaningfully to engage learners? What are some possible issues or concerns with the use of digital points, badges and/or leader boards? How can we design, implement and evaluate flipped classroom? What are some possible impacts (positive or negative) of using flipped classroom on student learning?

This conference aims to investigate these questions. Specifically, the following sub-themes will be explored:

  • Effect of games or gamification. Topics include but not limited to game-based learning, gamification, student addiction to games, games as edutainment, games in social media and the impact of games for creating faster learners and better multitaskers.
  • Impact of flipped learning. Topics include but not limited to the use of big data in flipped classroom to enhance learning, mobile apps for flipped learning, and the use of social media by teachers for flipped learning.

The CITERS 2016 Organizing Committee is now calling for contributions from educational researchers and practitioners, including teacher educators, principals, teachers, government officers, librarians, students and graduates from education programmes, CITE members and those interested in IT and educational research. More details about CITERS 2016 call for contribution can be found in